Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Semester 2 - Week 1

Back to it. Whoo! Much drawing. Such art.

Was trying to design a Capricorn Zodiac Warrior. Capricorn is represented as a goat... fish... thing.

So at first I went in trying to make a mermaid with a goat horn helm.

I was pretty happy with the rock, but then I realized she looked a bit bored? Also the rock is sort of just floating in space. Very pretty - not quite what I was going for.

Then I tried an eco-warrior angle. I thought about what she would be fighting for and I considered adding our plastic waste problem in the oceans to my theme.

I was really happy with the gesture and felt that I got some good perspective on the tail. Then you Tim! YES YOU TIM! :P Offered some awesome and interesting feedback during the art show, letting me know that the narrative wasn't as clear as I had hoped. That I also needed to consider the hair more (to make it appear more underwater). So I went and had a look at some references and reconsidered my theme. Was happy with Simon's feedback concerning my gesture and line.

My final image has a more celestial, ancient warrior approach in theme. I wrapped the tail around like you suggested - I then also considered making the tail more interesting by adding details that remind me of a fight fishes tail (like the ones at work). :P 
I lifted the hair up and back and drew some shapes and twists to make it appear like it was floating and had individual pieces to create overlaps and depth.

I added the pink and gold in the colouring so there could be some warmer colours somewhere in the palette. I hope the horns are big and bright enough on the helm. I wanted to give them a pearl like shine or quality. (Not just golden).

I feel that I am making improvements with my line work, shading and highlights.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


A quick environment painting. May need more lighting on the trees and path from light shining through the leaves. 

Darker tones of green for leaves that are closer i.e the branches and trees in the foreground.

Happy that I'm trying different things and thinking more about my composition.

Maybe a bit too saturated? Or not enough of a warmer tone in there somewhere?


This particular piece is a simple character sketch of two of my original characters.

Was thinking about gesture and line. Need to work on my base lines to help build up my shapes and form. I notice that instead of starting a new layer, I end up editing the base line sketch.

Practicing, clean, precise line. Gesture feels a bit stiff. Needed to define action line.

Hoping I will be more confident with my colouring as I practice colour theory more.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Going to orgainise this blog a little bit better. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to see my homework Tim McBurnie - Hi Tim!

Had to play catch up on my homework but have finished an image for Week 7 of Create 101.

So the original concept was the idea of a Caprian solider kissing her husband goodbye before heading off to the front line.

Decided it would be a snow setting. This is drawn from a region of Capria I have created called Felharn. It is a northern province of the Empire and is known for it's iron, blacksmiths and is the only region of Capria where it snows. Felharnian's tend to be very robust and make up the majority of the Caprian army.

Checked snow references to put together a palette. Lots of blues through to grey and bright white.

First image looked too stark and thought about the visual hierarchy feedback I received from Tim.
Added a morning light/pale sunrise.

Moved into warmer tones to draw attention to the figures. I think I could have had more red on the figures. I am happy with the splash of red on the axe handle - drawing from the browns in the wood tones.

Need to work on perspective - i.e. the house. I think I could have had more line and composition work in the early stages of my process - so I could end up with a more balanced scene.

Not sure if I should have had an orange tone in the yellow, almost green yellow hues I have for the sunrise.

Happy with the snow textures. Need to work on values.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Portrait - Mood and Colour


After some feedback from Tim McBurnie
I will be thinking more about visual hierarchy and not worrying about losing detail detail.

Ensure that you can recognize forms. What's the story behind the imagery (what do you like about what you are drawing).

Where do you want to draw the viewers eye/attention?


Drew this just in time to submit for my Create 101 Assignment 3.

Feel like I'm treading water. Only just managing to keep up with my Uni work.

This is a possibly concept/character portrait for one of my original characters - Capello Detores.

Again I am drawing from my novels characters and world for my inspiration.

Lost form with the hair and I don't think the lighting works as well as I hoped it would.

Her lips are a little too Angelina Jolie for the look I was going for. Will need to do some more face studies.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Portrait and Colour Practice (Week 5 Create 101 Homework)

Homework for Create 101. Decided to try doing a colour portrait of my awesome friend Vi.

I made her eyes a little too big. Lost some detail and form around her hair and ear.

Was fun to play around with warm - cool colours.

I was late publishing this on my blog. :/

Still Life, Silhouettes and Spaceships

In Digital Principles I found myself learning to draw spaceships.

Now don't get me wrong. I like spaceships. Not as much as Lego Spaceman but still, I do enjoy a nice, slick, space ship design or two.

Let's just say drawing spaceships had me wondering struggletown for over a week.
I could just not get my head around the perspective, the shading (as simple as it was meant to be, I mean, come on Court! It's a silhouette!).

The shapes confuzzled me and the forms became an elusive beast I was constantly chasing with my wacom pen.

I should have been a bit kinder to myself. I've never drawn a plane before, let alone a spaceship.

I eventually got the homework done and hopefully, it was enough to pass my third assignment for Art Bootcamp.

Also, managed some still life practice.

Now to catch up on more still life practice. This time. With colour! 

Till next time. :)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Composition Whoo!

Have been learning the wonderful world of composition - creating depth and working with value in Digital Principles with Ned.

This has been a brilliant for me and I feel that I'm really starting to "get" how to compose more dynamic and interesting work. It helps me think about not just the overall form of an object, but where it is in relation to the scene.

Then we get into value, light and dark, foreground, middle ground and background.

Going back to basics and learning that I really need to "know" what I'm drawing in terms of line, gesture, perspective and value to create form.

There is also importance of the story behind an image. I can't just chuck random things together (well I guess I technically could but... they wouldn't really tell us much).

Here are some examples of composition thumbnails with depth and overlaps.

All this depth and composition business inspired me to me to draw the following environment scene for Digital Fundamentals with Tim.

Not quite sure about the tree. Seem to have lost a bit of depth and definition in the mid-trunk section.

Have discovered some cool brushes for grass and leaves.

I don't know if you noticed, but I really dig drawing distant mountains and clouded skies.

P.S. I should have drawn Link standing there somewhere - feels very Breath of The Wild.

Till next time!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Perspective and a Caprian Deity Named Capro.

I'm a bit behind with my Art Bootcamp work. Drawing buildings and trying to get my head around perspective proved a little stressful. However, I persevered and managed to draw... something.

Sure looks like a house. I will definitely be doing some more practice for drawing buildings in 2 point perspective. I'm not ready for 3 point just yet.

In other news, I finished this drawing for my Digital Fundamentals class. (Create 101).

I decided to do some character design for the Caprian deity Capro - First Daughter of Yemere.

Yemere is their divine creator. According to the Caprian Creed, the world came from Yemere's womb.

Yemere is essentially the universe, or force all spirits and life wish to return. She created four daughters who embody different facets of herself, so that she might go out into the world and experience her creation for herself.

The Empress of Capria is said to be a direct descendant of Capro, from when she walked the world with her sisters and founded the Caprian Empire. Capro is the embodiment of Yemere's strength and courage and it is through her guidance that all Foxes (soldiers) serve in battle.

I decided to try a different pose and angle - may need to work on her armour and attire a bit more.
I think the hair looks pretty good. Was originally going to turn the hair into flames.

As Caprians have no stigma associated with women being topless, Capro is often depicted this way.
(Caprian men on the other hand must always keep their rosy buds covered) :P

It's been awesome to draw from my novel and the world I have been creating for over two years.
I look forward to finishing my draft this year.

Till next time.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mannequin Drawings (Line and Gesture) and Some New Art for Digital Fundementals

So I've had a crack at mannequin drawing for Digital Principals (Art Bootcamp).

I found it very tricky to keep track of my line of action (or movement) of the body as opposed to the general form.

I still need to figure out how to make clear, single stroke lines so my drawings don't appear so sketchy.

The one very cool thing about learning how to draw figures is that I can draw some more characters and concept ideas from my novel.

Which brings me to my weekly art piece for Digital Fundamentals.

Did some colouring, drew some puffy, trunk hose on a pretty young man. So I'm pretty happy with my efforts.

Till next time! :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Elliptical Forms and Trees... So many trees.

After playing around with my Wacom Cintiq settings (and re-formatting my laptop) I think I may have finally sorted out my wobbly line problem.

That or my hand is getting steadier. 

Either way, the pen, pressure sensitivity appears to be working properly and I can make cleaner lines.

Which is good thing, because my homework from Ned in Art Bootcamp involves drawing trees, elliptical forms and a series of human mannequins. 

So far I have managed the 30 or so elliptical forms and 30 something trees.

I have grasped the basic idea of using ellipses and cylinders to create form, but I will definitely need to work on my perspective,

On a side note - my husband Richard is currently playing The Legend of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild.

Having only ever played Sega and Playstation games as a kid, I don't get the same nostalgia kick Richard is currently experiencing; however, it does look like a very decent game. 
I will have to wrangle the WII U from him at some point to play it for myself.

While watching Link fighting his way around Hyrule, my eyes couldn't stop noticing the trees and my mind was quick to start breaking them down into basic shapes. I see you trees! In all your cylindrical ellipsicalness! How you bend, this way and that. It's pretty nifty and I'm glad that I have learnt how to do this. 

As for the final part of this homework - I hope to have a few human mannequins drawn soon. 

I hope to apply the techniques and skills I have learnt in the past week about line, form and gesture to the art piece I need to draw for Digital Fundamentals homework.

Till next time!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Car Studies and The 8 Minute Challenge

For my Digital Principles homework with Ned, we learnt how to break down a car into basic line and shape in order to create form.

I have found that it has really helped me understand the steps involved in drawing, well, anything really. I have the habit of skipping stages i.e. jumping from my basic outlines and onto line work and shading.

Today with Tim in Digital Fundamentals he talked a bit about this, as well as about how doing technical drills can help you become more intuitive and eventually get to the part where you know "exactly" what you are drawing. There is difference between knowing the "symbol" or idea of something than actually knowing it's entire form, broken down into individual parts.

This brings me to the second homework exercise for Digital Principles - The 8 minute drawing challenge. Essentially you decide to draw a subject (could be anything) for a duration of 8 minutes, but at different intervals. This is meant to help you relax and get into a drawing "flow". It can also help you get faster at drawing particular images. 

You can find more info on The 8 Minute Challenge here. The page also has a link to a timer on Youtube.

Tim also gave me some handy tips on what I can do about my wobbly line work. 
Going to adjust the way I sit with my tablet (I seem to like lounging on the couch with it sitting on my lap) so I can hopefully get a smoother, more precise line.

Could also be that I need to practice drawing circles and crosses some more. Yes you read correctly. Circles and crosses; and lots of them! Like this -

Drawing these doodads over and over also trains me to not to put so much pressure on my wrist. It's all in the shoulder! Er... elbow.

Till next time!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 1 Class Update

The second part of our homework for Digital Fundamentals with Tim is to create a piece of art.

I get the strangest feeling that a lot of our homework will involve a lot of drawing. :P

Here is a simple concept sketch for a Caprian, Red Fox Gunner.

This fine soldier is from my upcoming (and very first) fantasy novel - A Golden Purpose.

Unfortunately I missed my first class of Digital Principles with Ned Rogers on Wednesday due to a sudden onset of the flu. Luckily there is a second class and after many a panadol I was able to attend.

It was a great session where I learnt about how to break objects down into basic shapes i.e. squares, triangles and circles. Lines can be added to these basic shapes to create depth, perspective and form.

Line encapsulates form...

So, we're just dealing with line and shapes to begin with. Which is pretty cool because for homework I get to breakdown a couple of cars into basic shape and line.
No shading. No colour. Simples!
I also have to complete 5 sessions of the 8 minute challenge (more info to come).

Stay tuned!

Monday, February 27, 2017

First Day and Influence Map

Had my first class for Digital Fundamentals, with Tim McBernie at CDW Studios, Adelaide.

One of our first homework items is to create an Influence Map - sort of like a inspiration board.

The idea is to really think about not only which artists we consider an influence for our work, but creative works (in any medium) that have inspired us to do what we want to do.

After much digging through my childhood and various creative loves of mine I put together my own Influence Map.

So again, the wonderful thing about this exercise is that it really makes you think about why and what you want to do. For me, it helped sum up why I want to be a digital artist and author.

I hadn't realised, until completing an Influence Map just how obvious it was that my influences are heavily entrenched in character design, world building and story telling.

Sure, it "should" have been obvious, but having a visual aid like this really helps identify my past passions and influences as well as current artists and styles that I like.

The artists/creators featured are Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, (Studio Topcraft for "The Last Unicorn"), Don Bluth, Kentaru Miura, Phobs, Chiara Bautista,Sandra Chlewinska, Hideaki Anno, Masamune Shiro, Cedric Peyravernay, Apricot Knight, Haivenaims, Iiya Kuvshinov.

While compiling these artists and their work together I have discovered that there are a lot of common themes. (who'da thunk it)

This Influence Map showcases work that is:

  • highly character driven
  • involve well developed and often leading female characters
  • develop worlds that are immersive and rich in lore that is often based on real world folk lore, legends and cultures
  • take real world lore and or technology, re-imagine it, mix it up and present it in fantastical ways
  • emotional and thought provoking storytelling  
  • predominantly comic/cartoon line and design style

These characters, their worlds and their stories have left a lasting impression in my life and has strengthened my desire to create memorable characters and worlds of my own.

If you would like to try creating your own Influence Map, you can find the template I used here.