Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still Life, Silhouettes and Spaceships

In Digital Principles I found myself learning to draw spaceships.

Now don't get me wrong. I like spaceships. Not as much as Lego Spaceman but still, I do enjoy a nice, slick, space ship design or two.

Let's just say drawing spaceships had me wondering struggletown for over a week.
I could just not get my head around the perspective, the shading (as simple as it was meant to be, I mean, come on Court! It's a silhouette!).

The shapes confuzzled me and the forms became an elusive beast I was constantly chasing with my wacom pen.

I should have been a bit kinder to myself. I've never drawn a plane before, let alone a spaceship.

I eventually got the homework done and hopefully, it was enough to pass my third assignment for Art Bootcamp.

Also, managed some still life practice.

Now to catch up on more still life practice. This time. With colour! 

Till next time. :)

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