Monday, August 7, 2017

Create 101 Semester 2 - Week 2 - Post Apocalyptic Desert

For this week in Create 101, I had an idea about a post-apologetically landscape that included a shot of a tree, growing up and through a car.

In hindsight, I could have just focused on the car and the tree - creating a small concept design for the object. As I had just started Digital Painting with Simon, I was more aware of gathering reference shots, however, I hadn't learned the magic behind custom shapes and how to utilize them in composition thumbnails.

I also didn't have the knowledge or experience of compiling thumbnails for environment scenes, which would have made my process a lot easier and hence helped me create a more dynamic and solid image.

Not all is lost in this piece. I am happy that I followed through on process steps - construction lines, using my sketchbook to work out possible composition. I was able to think about values, however, there is much work needed on my perspective and formation of foreground - background, with overlaps.

I do have some overlaps. I wasn't too happy with my colour palette. The mood is okay, I do like what I have done with the skyline. I do believe I needed a bit more detail and form in the foreground as it looks a bit too flat - also the value grades are too dark.

Overall - I think I have learned a lot from attempting this piece.

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