Sunday, April 2, 2017

Composition Whoo!

Have been learning the wonderful world of composition - creating depth and working with value in Digital Principles with Ned.

This has been a brilliant for me and I feel that I'm really starting to "get" how to compose more dynamic and interesting work. It helps me think about not just the overall form of an object, but where it is in relation to the scene.

Then we get into value, light and dark, foreground, middle ground and background.

Going back to basics and learning that I really need to "know" what I'm drawing in terms of line, gesture, perspective and value to create form.

There is also importance of the story behind an image. I can't just chuck random things together (well I guess I technically could but... they wouldn't really tell us much).

Here are some examples of composition thumbnails with depth and overlaps.

All this depth and composition business inspired me to me to draw the following environment scene for Digital Fundamentals with Tim.

Not quite sure about the tree. Seem to have lost a bit of depth and definition in the mid-trunk section.

Have discovered some cool brushes for grass and leaves.

I don't know if you noticed, but I really dig drawing distant mountains and clouded skies.

P.S. I should have drawn Link standing there somewhere - feels very Breath of The Wild.

Till next time!

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