Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 11 - More Last Minute Madness

This was a last minute, 3am, figure drawing that went from focusing on gesture to look at light source and colour values.
I wanted to use simplified brushstrokes for the maid body with the focal point being her face and mask.
I also wanted to convey a sort of sorceress, power vibe and or mood. The hands were a bit off because I didn't make use of a reference.
Still, I like the texture on the skull/mask and I enjoyed trying to think about how the light source would affect the plains and shapes of her back, while trying to keep that liquid gesture to her body. (Trying to keep my figures from looking stiff).

Week 10 - Last Minute Line and Scene Study

I got a little side tracked. Okay very side tracked and went overboard with the background story and motivation for my Witcher Concept Character.

I should have saved the energy and time for some of my other work but I found that I was able to keep my anxiety at bay for some time when fleshing this character out and discover how to utilize the already well established Witcher lore.

I drew this in part to use for a small side project I created to showcase my ability to direct and collaborate on a project (as well as tell the characters backstory in a much more interesting way, through audio and visuals).

I thought of the scene, the twisting and twirling shape language of the line and how to use a simple background with receding values.
I think it came out pretty well.

Week 9 - Buffy Colour to Black and White Study

Who'da thought that by studying something, I'm learning techniques which I can then apply to original, plucked from my brain work. I decided to focus on my values and how the light is affecting the plains of the face from being back lit. It's also interesting to note the intensity and range of the light.

Light source... light source... light source.

Shape x (light source) + value = form.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Create 101 - Semester 2 - Week 6 - Mini Male Portrait/Value Studies

One layer - mini portrait studies, from reference.

After drawing the Jesus looking fellow I moved on to Sven from Switzerland (well I'm guessing that's where he's from).
Then I went to beardless town and found a photo that is fantastic for studying values. Just look at the lighting? It's pretty coolies.

I didn't zoom in very much for these - used only two brushes and had a pretty low stress, fun time doing them. I need to do more.

Create 101 - Semester 2 - Week 5 - Caprian Jackal

Trying to get the flintlock fantasy world of Capria out of my head and onto the page. 
As my skills improve, I hope my ideas will read better.

The following is a regimented unit known as a a "Jackal." They are a secret police force who serve the Black Fox - the Empire's Seeker of Truth (Imperial Inquisitor).

They were originally called Hounds, but due to being easily confused with the nation of Hundar (an opposing nation refereed to as "Hundar Hounds" I changed it to Jackal.

Jackal is a better fit as it can be defined as - "a person who performs dishonest or base deeds as the follower or accomplice of another"

The idea is, you can do terrible but necessary things as a Jackal. Caprians don't believe in capital punishment (more on that for another time) - but as a Jackal, one has the anonymity to carry out Divine Justice.

Essentially any Caprian woman can be a Jackal. There are "forever" Jackals and those who are summoned in secret to serve The Black Fox.

Each has a number. Each is is known only to the Black Fox who, as gifted by Yemere, has the ability to recognize the woman under the mask. All are also recorded in the Black Ledger.

This keeps undesirables from entering the ranks. The Aimless have tried and failed many times to don the black mask and assassinate the Empress.


I wanted to give the Jackal a heavy coat and hood (to cover the hair). Problem with the hood is - do I have the ears sticking out through the top? Hood holes? It could, sort of work. I'll have to look into more designs.

I am happy with the "Anubis" looking mask. I also wanted red lenses in the mask to give them a more ominous look.

I'm still not sure how far I should render something like this. I really have to learn more about concept work and what each stage is actually called. I understand thumbnails, however, I see some with just black and white, others with flats.

Not sure if my anxiety is making me over think these things.

Either way, I will continue to think about my shapes, my form and how to best render them in my work.