Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Create 101 - Semester 2 - Week 1- Capricorn Zodiac Warrior

Back to it. Whoo! Much drawing. Such art.

Was trying to design a Capricorn Zodiac Warrior. Capricorn is represented as a goat... fish... thing.

So at first I went in trying to make a mermaid with a goat horn helm.

I was pretty happy with the rock, but then I realized she looked a bit bored? Also the rock is sort of just floating in space. Very pretty - not quite what I was going for.

Then I tried an eco-warrior angle. I thought about what she would be fighting for and I considered adding our plastic waste problem in the oceans to my theme.

I was really happy with the gesture and felt that I got some good perspective on the tail. Then you Tim! YES YOU TIM! :P Offered some awesome and interesting feedback during the art show, letting me know that the narrative wasn't as clear as I had hoped. That I also needed to consider the hair more (to make it appear more underwater). So I went and had a look at some references and reconsidered my theme. Was happy with Simon's feedback concerning my gesture and line.

My final image has a more celestial, ancient warrior approach in theme. I wrapped the tail around like you suggested - I then also considered making the tail more interesting by adding details that remind me of a fight fishes tail (like the ones at work). :P 
I lifted the hair up and back and drew some shapes and twists to make it appear like it was floating and had individual pieces to create overlaps and depth.

I added the pink and gold in the colouring so there could be some warmer colours somewhere in the palette. I hope the horns are big and bright enough on the helm. I wanted to give them a pearl like shine or quality. (Not just golden).

I feel that I am making improvements with my line work, shading and highlights.

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