Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Portrait - Mood and Colour


After some feedback from Tim McBurnie
I will be thinking more about visual hierarchy and not worrying about losing detail detail.

Ensure that you can recognize forms. What's the story behind the imagery (what do you like about what you are drawing).

Where do you want to draw the viewers eye/attention?


Drew this just in time to submit for my Create 101 Assignment 3.

Feel like I'm treading water. Only just managing to keep up with my Uni work.

This is a possibly concept/character portrait for one of my original characters - Capello Detores.

Again I am drawing from my novels characters and world for my inspiration.

Lost form with the hair and I don't think the lighting works as well as I hoped it would.

Her lips are a little too Angelina Jolie for the look I was going for. Will need to do some more face studies.

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