Sunday, May 21, 2017


A quick environment painting. May need more lighting on the trees and path from light shining through the leaves. 

Darker tones of green for leaves that are closer i.e the branches and trees in the foreground.

Happy that I'm trying different things and thinking more about my composition.

Maybe a bit too saturated? Or not enough of a warmer tone in there somewhere?


This particular piece is a simple character sketch of two of my original characters.

Was thinking about gesture and line. Need to work on my base lines to help build up my shapes and form. I notice that instead of starting a new layer, I end up editing the base line sketch.

Practicing, clean, precise line. Gesture feels a bit stiff. Needed to define action line.

Hoping I will be more confident with my colouring as I practice colour theory more.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Going to orgainise this blog a little bit better. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to see my homework Tim McBurnie - Hi Tim!

Had to play catch up on my homework but have finished an image for Week 7 of Create 101.

So the original concept was the idea of a Caprian solider kissing her husband goodbye before heading off to the front line.

Decided it would be a snow setting. This is drawn from a region of Capria I have created called Felharn. It is a northern province of the Empire and is known for it's iron, blacksmiths and is the only region of Capria where it snows. Felharnian's tend to be very robust and make up the majority of the Caprian army.

Checked snow references to put together a palette. Lots of blues through to grey and bright white.

First image looked too stark and thought about the visual hierarchy feedback I received from Tim.
Added a morning light/pale sunrise.

Moved into warmer tones to draw attention to the figures. I think I could have had more red on the figures. I am happy with the splash of red on the axe handle - drawing from the browns in the wood tones.

Need to work on perspective - i.e. the house. I think I could have had more line and composition work in the early stages of my process - so I could end up with a more balanced scene.

Not sure if I should have had an orange tone in the yellow, almost green yellow hues I have for the sunrise.

Happy with the snow textures. Need to work on values.