Saturday, March 11, 2017

Elliptical Forms and Trees... So many trees.

After playing around with my Wacom Cintiq settings (and re-formatting my laptop) I think I may have finally sorted out my wobbly line problem.

That or my hand is getting steadier. 

Either way, the pen, pressure sensitivity appears to be working properly and I can make cleaner lines.

Which is good thing, because my homework from Ned in Art Bootcamp involves drawing trees, elliptical forms and a series of human mannequins. 

So far I have managed the 30 or so elliptical forms and 30 something trees.

I have grasped the basic idea of using ellipses and cylinders to create form, but I will definitely need to work on my perspective,

On a side note - my husband Richard is currently playing The Legend of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild.

Having only ever played Sega and Playstation games as a kid, I don't get the same nostalgia kick Richard is currently experiencing; however, it does look like a very decent game. 
I will have to wrangle the WII U from him at some point to play it for myself.

While watching Link fighting his way around Hyrule, my eyes couldn't stop noticing the trees and my mind was quick to start breaking them down into basic shapes. I see you trees! In all your cylindrical ellipsicalness! How you bend, this way and that. It's pretty nifty and I'm glad that I have learnt how to do this. 

As for the final part of this homework - I hope to have a few human mannequins drawn soon. 

I hope to apply the techniques and skills I have learnt in the past week about line, form and gesture to the art piece I need to draw for Digital Fundamentals homework.

Till next time!

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