Monday, March 27, 2017

Perspective and a Caprian Deity Named Capro.

I'm a bit behind with my Art Bootcamp work. Drawing buildings and trying to get my head around perspective proved a little stressful. However, I persevered and managed to draw... something.

Sure looks like a house. I will definitely be doing some more practice for drawing buildings in 2 point perspective. I'm not ready for 3 point just yet.

In other news, I finished this drawing for my Digital Fundamentals class. (Create 101).

I decided to do some character design for the Caprian deity Capro - First Daughter of Yemere.

Yemere is their divine creator. According to the Caprian Creed, the world came from Yemere's womb.

Yemere is essentially the universe, or force all spirits and life wish to return. She created four daughters who embody different facets of herself, so that she might go out into the world and experience her creation for herself.

The Empress of Capria is said to be a direct descendant of Capro, from when she walked the world with her sisters and founded the Caprian Empire. Capro is the embodiment of Yemere's strength and courage and it is through her guidance that all Foxes (soldiers) serve in battle.

I decided to try a different pose and angle - may need to work on her armour and attire a bit more.
I think the hair looks pretty good. Was originally going to turn the hair into flames.

As Caprians have no stigma associated with women being topless, Capro is often depicted this way.
(Caprian men on the other hand must always keep their rosy buds covered) :P

It's been awesome to draw from my novel and the world I have been creating for over two years.
I look forward to finishing my draft this year.

Till next time.

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