Monday, March 6, 2017

Car Studies and The 8 Minute Challenge

For my Digital Principles homework with Ned, we learnt how to break down a car into basic line and shape in order to create form.

I have found that it has really helped me understand the steps involved in drawing, well, anything really. I have the habit of skipping stages i.e. jumping from my basic outlines and onto line work and shading.

Today with Tim in Digital Fundamentals he talked a bit about this, as well as about how doing technical drills can help you become more intuitive and eventually get to the part where you know "exactly" what you are drawing. There is difference between knowing the "symbol" or idea of something than actually knowing it's entire form, broken down into individual parts.

This brings me to the second homework exercise for Digital Principles - The 8 minute drawing challenge. Essentially you decide to draw a subject (could be anything) for a duration of 8 minutes, but at different intervals. This is meant to help you relax and get into a drawing "flow". It can also help you get faster at drawing particular images. 

You can find more info on The 8 Minute Challenge here. The page also has a link to a timer on Youtube.

Tim also gave me some handy tips on what I can do about my wobbly line work. 
Going to adjust the way I sit with my tablet (I seem to like lounging on the couch with it sitting on my lap) so I can hopefully get a smoother, more precise line.

Could also be that I need to practice drawing circles and crosses some more. Yes you read correctly. Circles and crosses; and lots of them! Like this -

Drawing these doodads over and over also trains me to not to put so much pressure on my wrist. It's all in the shoulder! Er... elbow.

Till next time!

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