Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 1 Class Update

The second part of our homework for Digital Fundamentals with Tim is to create a piece of art.

I get the strangest feeling that a lot of our homework will involve a lot of drawing. :P

Here is a simple concept sketch for a Caprian, Red Fox Gunner.

This fine soldier is from my upcoming (and very first) fantasy novel - A Golden Purpose.

Unfortunately I missed my first class of Digital Principles with Ned Rogers on Wednesday due to a sudden onset of the flu. Luckily there is a second class and after many a panadol I was able to attend.

It was a great session where I learnt about how to break objects down into basic shapes i.e. squares, triangles and circles. Lines can be added to these basic shapes to create depth, perspective and form.

Line encapsulates form...

So, we're just dealing with line and shapes to begin with. Which is pretty cool because for homework I get to breakdown a couple of cars into basic shape and line.
No shading. No colour. Simples!
I also have to complete 5 sessions of the 8 minute challenge (more info to come).

Stay tuned!

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